SHIZU-KO Teeth-pick I "Sharp"

This “Sharp” type is specially made to scrap those uneven surface tooth, tight space between teeth and to clear plague and tartar inside hard reach area inside your pet dog teeth.

For safety, start your process from the gum line and move to the tip of every tooth.


Retail Price / 720 yen (tax excluded)

Material / Handle: ABS resins Pick: Titanium Coated Stainless Steel (SUS304) Protection Tube: Silicon rubber

Size / 15mm x 160mm x 7mm 

Weight  /   5gm

Start from the gum line between teeth, gently pull the pick and move toward the tip of every tooth to remove plaque. Make sure you take extra care when near their gum.

Avoid your pet dog to bite the teeth-pick as it might hurt their mouth.
Avoid apply excessive pressure as it might hurt their mouth and gum.
Please use our product for oral care only.
Remember to wash and dry it after using and store it at hard to reach place.
Cover back the tip with the silicon rubber after wash and dry.
If the stain or tartar is too stubborn, please consider of our PRO SPECIFICATION Scaler to remove plague and tartar.