SHIZU-KICHI Tooth Cleaner

As some of the cat dislikes metal type of pick we created this tooth cleaner which made from silicon rubber to remove dirt and stains.

Silicon rubber head is made mixed with abrasive.

This cleaner can be set on both directions for better handling during cleaning process. Extra one spare silicon rubber cleaner head is included, 

For hygiene and safety purpose, only one spare included, please replace for a new NYANKO CARE Tooth Cleaner after you utilized the spare head.


Retail Price / 720 yen (tax excluded)

Material / Handle:ABS resin Cleaner Tip:Silicone rubber(contains Magnesium Oxide)

Size / 18mm x 145mm x 7mm

Weight   /  4gm

Tooth Cleaner designed to be able to adjust desire direction of cleaning, please make sure the cleaner head apply firmly before usage as it might loosen out during cleaning. Before starting to rub the desire cleaning area, please ensure the teeth is completely dry without any saliva. Once a week is recommended for tooth cleaning using tooth cleaner.

Please wash and dry completely the tooth cleaner after every use. Store in a hard to reach place out of pet dog and children reach. Extra spare cleaner is included, please replace a new tooth cleaner after the spare replacement, as the holder might become loosen after a long term usage. The effect of tooth cleaner will deteriorate after period time of using, Please replace for a new tooth cleaner by that time.


・The spare silicon head might become rounded after some period of usage, please replace a new silicon head regularly.
・Avoid your cat to bite the toothbrush.
・Avoid apply excessive pressure as it might hurt their mouth.
・Please use our product for oral care only.
・Remember to wash and dry it after using and store it at hard to reach place.
・Please insert the silicon head firmly to prevent the brush head loosen and swallow accidentally.
・For hygiene purpose, it is recommend to change the silicon head regularly.