SHIZU-KICHI Toothbrush "Micro Head"

Mini-sized bristle is specially made for the cats to brush for their daily oral care habit. The 10mm thickness mini-sized bristle be able to reach hard to reach and clean the inner part of their teeth around their cheek.

15-degree angle bend specially design for easy brushing to fit to your cat’s mouth shape for a better brushing handling and remove plaque and food debris effectively.


Retail Price / 500yen (tax excluded)

Material / Handle:ABS resin Bristle:Nylon

Size / 150mm x 15mm 

Weight   /   5 gm

Please brush your cat teeth and gum gently.

Brush toward the teeth surface on the correct angle for better brushing effects. Remember to massage the gum as well with the brush.


Avoid your pet cat to bite the toothbrush.
Avoid apply excessive pressure as it might hurt their mouth.
Please use our product for oral care only.
Remember to wash and dry it after using and store it at hard to reach place.
Please replace the brush if the bristle starting to wear out.
For hygiene purpose, it is recommend to change the brush regularly.