SHIZU-KICHI Detachable Toothbrush

Specially designed cat’s toothbrush that’s have 15-degree angle bend design with detachable head design for easy brushing to multi-angle to fit to your cat’s mouth shape, The brush head can be set for either side for easier brushing when you need to change the direction.

Two extra spare brush is included. For hygiene purpose, only one spare brush change is recommended, this is also will ensure the head stays tight. 


Retail Price / 720 yen (tax excluded)

Material / Handle・Brush Head:ABS resins

Size / 18mm x 145mm  7mm

Weight   /   4gm

2 spare brush head included

Brush head be able to set on either side, Insert firmly on desired position before start brushing, Make sure you hold the brush firmly and start brushing gently, excessive force will hurt your cat. 


・The spare brush head might loose after long period of usage, please replace a new brush regularly

・Please make sure the brush is installed firmly before brushing, if too loosen, your cat might accidentally swallow the brush.
・Avoid your cat to bite the toothbrush.
・Avoid apply excessive pressure as it might hurt their mouth.
・Please use our product for oral care only.
・Remember to wash and dry it after using and store it at hard to reach place.
・Please replace the brush if the bristle starting to wear out.
・For hygiene purpose, it is recommend to change the brush regularly.