SHIZU-KICHI Finger Toothbrush

SHIZU-KICHI Finger Toothbrush allows rubbing using thumb finger and index finger simultaneously gently to remove plaque from your pet’s teeth. 

Front and rear teeth teeth brushing process will become easier than ever, rub gently on the gum area area as well.

This product is recommended for those beginner pet owner who are yet be able to use regular brush handle. Apply finger toothbrush on both hand for a easier brushing experience.

Pet owner be able to switch to regular toothbrush once your pet dog familiar with tooth brushing habit.


Retail Price / 500 yen (tax excluded)

Material / Cotton、Nylon、Polyurethane 

Size   /  150mm x 15.5mm

Weight   /  4.5gm

This Product is made from WHOLE GARMENT flat knitting machine.

WHOLE GARMENT products is knitted in one sew without any protrusions,
Product knitted without any feel of tightness, you can feel the comfort compare to other type of knit.

WHOLE GARMENT is fully owned by SHIMA SEIKI Company.

※This product uses sewing machine exclusively made for the wrist product.

Please apply Finger toothbrush on your thumb finger and index finger, remember to pull and apply the stopper part for a firm and stable brushing experience. 

After applying few drop of toothpaste, rub gently on the teeth and line between the gum as well. The inner part is also essential to clean as well. 

For a easier process, please apply on both hand during brush.

・Avoid your cat to bite the finger toothbrush.
・Avoid apply excessive pressure as it might hurt their mouth.
・Please use our product for oral care only.
・Remember to wash and dry it after using and store it at hard to reach place.
・This is a knitting product, string might loose if your cat bite, please avoid to pull the string with force, this might damage the product.
・For hygiene purpose, it is recommend to change the finger toothbrush regularly.