SHIZU-KICHI brand that related to oral health for your cat.

As today, meals for cat is getting even more delicious, at the same time it does grows plaque and calculus easier on their teeth. If left untreated, i may develop become periodontal disease. If you love your cat, please care for their oral health as well. Do consider SHIZU-KICHI for your precious cat.


SHIZU-KICHI Toothbrushing Liquid

SHIZU-KICHI Toothbrush "Micro Head"


SHIZU-KICHI Finger Toothbrush

SHIZU-KICHI Detachable Toothbrush

SHIZU-KICHI Tooth Cleaner

SHIZU-KICHI Teeth-pick I "Sharp"

SHIZU-KICHI Teeth-pick II "Flat"