Clear Feline Jaw Model

Many of the owners might not know the details of their cat’s teeth.

Once you realized the importance of dental care of your cat, you might need to learn and study more about their jaw model. 

Nowadays, more than 80% of cats are said to have periodontal disease.
Periodontal disease may also cause visceral diseases such as heart failure / thrombosis / adrenal failure.

To prevent it from the disease, daily care brushing is essential. Without their healthy teeth they won’t be able to enjoy their daily food. It is importance to brush their teeth frequently or best if you be able to brush daily.

This clear feline jaw model showing the roots of all teeth. The model can be separated for better observation. Included with the model is a plastic educational card showing the tooth and root location. In addition, jaw model of canine dog as well.

Retail Price / 18,000 yen (tax excluded)

Size / Approx. 5.3cm × 6.8cm × 3.0cm

Weight / 59g

Assemble in China