New arrival from MIND UP “KENKO CARE Finger Toothbrush L Size”

New Product

New arrival from MIND UP “KENKO CARE Finger Toothbrush L Size”
This dental care product is recommended for your pet dog which are yet getting used to general pet’s toothbrush.

MIND UP Corp. (Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture), oral care products makers of “KENKO CARE” series brand for dogs with the Japanese catchphrase “Dogs and teeth are life” is pleased to announce new product “KENKO CARE Finger Toothbrush L Size” to release starting from April 1, 2019.

“KENKO CARE Finger Toothbrush L Size” is recommended for those beginner pet owner also to those pet dog who are yet getting used to regular brush handle.

Until now, our customers are mainly targeted for those in South East Asia also including Japan, but in recent years, we received customer order request from North America and EU countries to produce a bigger size version of finger toothbrush to occupy for those with larger hand, also from some customers from Japan with big hands as well.

In additional “NYANKO CARE Finger Toothbrush L Size” for your precious cat and cat lovers will also release on the same day.
(Both products are now pre-sale in Amazon AMERICA & JAPAN)

★ Retail Price
550yen (tax excluded)

★ Function
KENKO CARE Finger Toothbrush allows rubbing using thumb finger and index finger simultaneously gently to remove plaque from your pet’s teeth. Both sides of the teeth can be brushed simultaneously if you wear it on both hands (additional purchase required). Recommended for your pet dog which are yet getting used to general pet’s toothbrush as this product allows brushing directly from their familiar owner hands.

Made with WHOLE GARMENT flat knitting machine from SHIMA SEIKI Company, which their design has been selling for over a decade. WHOLE GARMENT products is the world’s first of knitting products with only one sew without any protrusions originally developed by SHIMA SEIKI Company

Glove part: Cotton & Nylon、Rubber part: Polyester & Polyurethane

Regular size: Approx. 130 X 80 (mm)
Large size: Approx. 150 X 100 (mm)

Lastly, the best way to care for your dog’s oral is brushing their teeth regularly with dog’s toothbrush, but it doesn’t work smoothly at the beginning. Please consider to start toothbrushing habit with our finger toothbrush as a starting process to introduce toothbrushing to your dog.

For purchasing
Please place the order from Amazon America or contact us directly. our store front

■ Company Profile
Company Name: MIND UP Corp.
Location: 2-4-20, Shimoiida, Kofu City, Yamanashi Pref. 〒 400-0064, Japan
Representative: President Tomonao Yamamura
Company Established: March 15, 1991
Capital: 30 million yen (as of March 2019)
Business includes: Planning, development, manufacturing and sales of daily goods and miscellaneous goods
Phone number: 055-222-4618 (10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays)

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