M-CARE Tongue Scrapper Long

  • Scrap lightly from the back to the front to remove tongue fur from the tongue effectively. This product is gentle to tongue papilla.
  • M-Care structure to absorb excessive force to avoid the cause of vomiting reflex.(lower chance of vomiting reflex)
  • Easy grip for everyone, even for those without gripping force.
  • Ideal for nursing care too.

Retail Price / 1,200 yen (tax excluded)

Size   /   35mm x 10mm x 178mm

Weight   /   16g

Box size / 34mm  × 206mm × 21mm (29g)

Scrap lightly on the tongue surface and gently rubbing it from behind to remove tongue fur that cause bad breath.


Wash thoroughly with water and dry completely before storing to a dry place.
This product is made of  antibacterial agent to prevent bacteria growth. Recommended life shelf is one year, please replace a new one after a year.