KENKO CARE Enzyme Health Support Supplement

In recent years, most of the dog food in the market doesn’t provide sufficient enzyme.
Enzyme that produced from koji mold is similar as the enzyme that dog needs, by feeding your precious dog with additional enzyme as an supplement food product It will promote and enhance your love dog oral health also their health for them to live healthier than ever.


【What is enzyme?】

Enzyme is a molecule that accelerates the reaction rate of a chemical reaction (metabolism and digestion) that occurring in the body. The enzyme is weak to heat and loses upon heating.

Enzymes main roles is works to decomposition and digestion but if you having bad digestion a lot, enzymes that works for metabolism will spent on more on digestion activities, which results in enzyme shortage.

Once it’s affected the metabolism, it might also decrease the resistance to illness. As a result, this might cause obesity.

Retail Price / 1,800 yen (tax excluded)

Product Type / Health Supplement for Dog

Ingredients / Lactosucrose Powder, Maltitol, Beet Fibre, Milk Flavor Improving Powder, Multi-Grain Malt, Calcined Calcium, Magnesium Oxide, Yeast (containing 10% zinc), Yeast (containing 5% Manganese), Spore-forming Lactic Acid, Bacteria Powder, Flavor Agent (cream), Sucralose, Calcium Stearate, Powdered Cellulose.

ComponentsCrude Protein more than 7.2%, Crude Fibre less than 4.0%, Water moisture less than 4.7%, Crude Fat more than 0.8%, Crude ash content less than 4.3%,

Content / 50gm

Country of Origin / JAPAN

Daily follow the daily intake guide, you can choose to feed them directly or you can directly apply to their mouth or you can also just mix to their food directly.

Please refrain to contact directly to the package content after touching your dog’s mouth to prevent bacteria growth.

Daily Feeding Guide

Dog’s Weight 5kg or less: 1~2 tablets

Dog’s Weight 5kg~10kg: 2~3 tablets

Dog’s Weight 10kg~20kg: 3~4 tablets

Dog’s Weight 20kg and above: 4~5 tablets

・Please close it firmly after every use. 
Please use our product for oral care only.
・Keep the product out of water contact as it might affect the quality. 
・Keep it out reach of children.
・Please brush their teeth as well daily for a better oral health.