KAITEKI-KAI Silver Earpick

※Silver Earpick is shown on the above picture.

SILVER EARPICK will using a different version of textile case

This unique hand made ear pick is specially made of SL925 Sterling Silver. We commercialized this product for your daily care as a part of your life.

This product can be your personal use or as a gift to your loved one. A special case is included for your to bring anywhere  and anytime. 

We made a special case so that you can use it anytime, anywhere.
Please take it for business trips and business trips.


Retail Price / 60,000 yen (tax excluded)

Size / Approx 12cm

Weight / Approx 4.5gm

Material / Sterling Silver (SL925)

  • Please wipe with a soft cloth whenever it gets dirty.
  • Washable, but make sure you dry it completely after washing.
  • Pure silver might change color naturally, please wipe it with a soft cloth. If the color is change to dark black color, please use baking soda, silver polisher to clean it back to its original shiny silver.
  • Please be extra careful with the sharp tip while using it inside your ears.
  • Please refrain using the ear pick too deep to your eardrum as it might getting hurt easily.
  • Please use carefully and take extra caution on surrounding while using.
  • Keep off reach of children.
  • We don’t hold any responsible if you hurt yourself while using our ear pick.