KAITEKI-KAI Golden Toothpick "Fuji"

※Golden Toothpick “Fuji” is shown on the left picture, The right picture is Silver Toothpick “Fuji”

“Gold toothpick Fuji” was made by the inspiration of “Diamond Fuji”

KAITEKI-KAI “Golden’s toothpick Fuji” is made of gold (18K), attached with a glorious diamond.
The case’s fabrics is made from Fujiyoshida City, a famous place to produce textiles during ancient times in Japan.

This personal toothpick can be an accessory to be carry around like a jewelry.

As a charming part of “Country of Fuji, Yamanashi” and the importance of resources. We are please to present you this toothpick. 


Retail Price / 60,000 yen (tax excluded)

Size / Approx 6.6cm

Weight / Approx 3.5gm

Material / 18k Gold、Diamond

Portable Case

The exclusive wooden portable case is made with the cooperation of “Fiber textile limited company” from Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi, JAPAN which is known as the leading high-end silk fabric producing area throughout the country.

Color is available in RED or BLACK

Length:7.5cm  Overall Width:2.0cm  Material:Polyester, acetate, decorative system, cupra

  • Each textile case pattern is different and exclusive case individually  in the world.
    The position of the pattern is random.
  • Kept and Stored in paulownia box.
  • Please be extra careful with the sharp tip while using it.
  • Keep off reach of children.
  • The fabric is very delicate, please take extra caution when handling with water.


  • Wipe with a soft cloth whenever it gets dirty.
  • Washable, but make sure you dry it completely after washing.