HAISHA-KUN Tooth Cleaner & Mirror

This metal type of pick works affectively on stained teeth surface, tar, stained, tea-stain. but some certain individual is not used to the metal tool, we offer an alternative solution to metal pick.

Rub gently on desire part to clean and remove the plague and dirt.
Cleaner can be set either direction and the mirror is also fog free too.


Retail Price / 980 yen (tax excluded)(1 pcs spare tooth cleaner included)

Material / ABS resins
Synthetic Mirror(fog-free)
Cleaner Tip:Silicone rubber(contains Magnesium Oxide)

Size / 24mm × 165mm × 2.2mm 

Weight   /   5g

Tooth Cleaner designed to be able to adjust desire direction of cleaning, please make sure the cleaner head apply firmly before usage as it might loosen out during cleaning. Before starting to rub the desire cleaning area, please ensure the teeth is completely dry without any saliva. Once a week is recommended for tooth cleaning using tooth cleaner.

Storing Method

Wash and dry completely before storage. Fog-free effect mirror will last around 1 year, please replace for a new one whenever required. Please replace the tooth cleaner if it start to wear out.