HAISHA-KUN Pick & Pick "Type B"

The dual ended tip is design for easier usage for different angle of teeth picking. Just scrap gently on desire part to clean and remove the plague and dirt.

Pick with thin tip blade is for dislodging food particles and tartar between teeth. Pick with flat tip blade is for dislodging tartar from smooth teeth surface effectively.

For safety, start your process from the gum line and move to the tip of every tooth.


Retail Price / 980 yen (tax excluded)

Material / ABS resins、Stainless Steel(SUS304)
Silicon Rubber (Protection Tube)

Size / 15mm × 160mm × 7mm

Weight   /   5gm

Using Method 

Start from the gum line between teeth, gently pull the pick and move toward the tip of every tooth to remove plaque. Make sure you take extra care when near their gum. Please be more careful whenever using the sharp tip part, dental mirror is recommended while using it. Please cover the tip with the included silicon whenever not in use. 

Storing Method

Wash and dry completely before storage. Replace for a new Pick & Pick is recommended if blunt after some while of using.