For those who prefer to care and clean their teeth after every meal or anywhere.

HANDY is made easy to carry compact size, you can bring anywhere you wish. This HANDY care set have 5 kinds of functions, (Pick, Mini Brush, Interdental Brush, Tooth Cleaner and anti-fog mirror)



Retail Price / 1,980 yen (tax excluded)

Material / Holder:ABS resin、 Pick:Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Mirror:Synthetic Resin(fog-free)、 Brush Bristle:Nylon
Wire:Nylon Coated Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Tooth Cleaner:Silicon Rubber (Magnesium Oxide contained)
Case:Styrene Resin O-ring: NBR Protecting Tube : Silicone Rubber

Size /  φ35mm × 110mm  (when covered)

Weight   /   42gm

MIRROR & PICK Function

Fog-free mirror can be use inside your mouth, your teeth will be cleaner in no time.

Mirror & Mini Brush Function

This brush will help to clean your inner teeth also the brush can be set in two direction as well.

Mirror & Interdental Brush (S)Function

Interdental brush helps to remove particles and plaque that stuck in between teeth. This brush also can be use in two directions.

Mirror & Tooth Cleaner Function.

Tooth cleaner is ideal for those who sensitive to metal, tend to clean stains on teeth surface. 

Using Method

Pick gently on teeth surface(front surface、inner side)also along your teeth gum.

【2.Mini Brush】
To reach those hard to reach area (front surface, inner teeth surface) 

【3.Interdental Brush(S)】
To clean and remove particle stuck in between teeth.

【4.Tooth Cleaner】
Rub any moisture on teeth surface and rub gently on desired tooth.

With the help of this fog free mirror(reflection of your own mirror), you be able to know which tooth you need to clean.

The lid of the case can be use as gargle cup too.


Storing Method

Wash and dry completely before storage. The case is made to anti-bacterial, This product is meant to use in 1 year, please consider to replace for a new one if required.