Care for your gum is the most effective way to prevent gum disease.

Regular tooth brushing might clean your gum but at the same time might cause burden to your gum.

GUM BRUSH” is structured to absorb excessive force,
Giving two kinds of appropriate stimulus of sliding and pressing to the gum, improving blood circulation of gingival cell tissue and promoting metabolism.

This gum brush is ideal as  a tooth gum massager and massage your gum effectively without causing any stress.


Retail Price / 980 yen (tax excluded)

Material / Polyester Elastomer (Anti-micro Zeomic formulated)

Stainless Steel (SUS304)

Size / 8mm × 120mm × 13mm

Weight   /   6gm

Brush your gum fly moving left and right to the gums continually. Use the hemisphere side to gently press against the gums. Massage your cheek side (cheek’s back) is also highly recommended.

Caring Method
Wash thoroughly with water and dry completely.  This product contains antibacterial agent will prevent bacteria growth. This product is expect to replace around 1 year use.